house rules

  1. The event area includes all concert and parking areas and the backstage areas. Upon entering the festival site, the visitor submits to these house rules.
  2. The orders of the security forces must be followed. Anyone who does not follow the instructions of the security staff will be expelled from the event area.
  3. It is not permitted to bring glass containers, bottles, your own drinks and food, pyrotechnic objects, laser pointers, substances that fall under the Narcotics Act and weapons (or objects that can be used as weapons). The security staff will check this at their own discretion during the admission control (body search not excluded). The instructions of the security staff must be followed.
  4. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, all types of firearms, slashing, stabbing, and other weapons; Fireworks, Bengal lights and other pyrotechnic objects (including sparklers); alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of all kinds; all kinds of food; Animals; bulky items
  5. It is forbidden to take such items onto the festival site. Even the attempt is punishable and can lead to the visitor being excluded from the event. The organizers reserve the right to take civil and criminal measures.
  6. The distribution of advertisements and pamphlets is prohibited without the express written permission of klink. Likewise, the sale of goods without the consent of klink is not permitted
  7. The journey to the respective event takes place independently and at the visitor’s own risk. Parking is expressly only permitted in the designated parking spaces. If special rules apply to the parking spaces, these are recognized when the vehicle is parked.
  8. Driving on the rescue and delivery routes is only permitted with a valid parking permit.
  9. A fee may be charged for parking. The parking lot is not guarded.
  10. The vehicles must be parked in accordance with the instructions of the traffic management staff. It must be ensured that rescue and traffic routes are free. Failure to comply will result in the vehicles being relocated or removed at the expense of the keeper. The StVO applies to the entire car park, including the access roads. The responsibility for entering the parking lot lies solely with the vehicle driver. Driving into the car park is to be carried out with the usual care.
  11. By entering the festival site and participating in the event, each visitor agrees that photos and video clips (images) showing the visitor during the festival may be taken by the organizer and press representatives in connection with reporting on the event and may be used. In particular, the person depicted gives the organizers their consent to the distribution of these images if the person depicted becomes aware during or immediately after the recording (e.g. indicated by posing) that he/she has been recorded and not to the organizers within 24 hours indicates that he/she does not give consent for distribution. He/She authorizes these images to be made perceptible as part of the distribution via a broadcaster, the Internet or other communication channels.
  12. Visibly drunk or comparably conspicuous visitors have no right to admission to the festival site.
  13. The access authorization to the festival site (“festival wristband”) must be worn on the arm throughout the entire presence on the site and must be shown to the security staff at any time if requested.
  14. Escape routes and stairs may not be used as seating and must be crossed quickly.
  15. The organizers are not liable for damage and loss incurred by the visitor as a result of burglary, theft, fire, natural disasters or other occurrences.
  16. During the event, waste must be disposed of in the bins and containers provided for this purpose. Urinating outside of the designated toilets is not permitted.
  17. Climbing fences, light poles, buildings, mobile toilets and other infrastructure facilities on the entire event site is prohibited.
  18. You have to be considerate of other festival visitors.
  19. Overnight stays on the festival site are not permitted.
  20. Failure to comply with the house rules can lead to exclusion from the event. With an exclusion, the admission ticket loses its validity. A claim for renewed admission or a refund of the purchase price is excluded.
  21. Participation in the workshops is at your own risk.
  22. Underage persons may be denied entry due to the Youth Protection Act.
  23. From 8 p.m. for U16 and from 10 p.m. for U18 the party is over and you have to leave the area. The exception to this is if you have a valid Muttizettel with you.
  24. In addition, the current notices and the instructions of the security staff on site apply.